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We’re All Chefs in the Business Intelligence Kitchen

Jan 9, 2015 |

When I grew up, meatloaf was a feast.  Today, it’s at best “old-school.” Recipes are less frequently “passed down” than they are improved upon, deconstructed or “played on.”  Cooking shows seem to be on every channel at every hour. Why is it cooking so much more than food?  As psychologists would say, cooking can be a “flow” activity: not too hard, but not too easy, provides quick feedback, and gets better with practice. It’s creative, even if our only flare Read more…

Hacking Your Way Onto the IoT

Nov 17, 2014 |

Elon “Ironman” Musk raised eyebrows recently when he said we are “summoning the demon” with artificial intelligence. While it’s debatable whether neural networks will give rise to evil spirits, a singularity of a different sort is clearly at hand when it comes to the Internet of Things, which is on the cusp of unleashing torrents of new data moving among consumers, devices, and device manufacturers. If you thought the data you have been dealing with was big, then you’re going Read more…

How Motorola Uses Big Data Analytics to Improve Its Smartphones

Nov 11, 2014 |

When Motorola launched its RAZR M two years ago, a rumor started spreading that you couldn’t use Wi-Fi and the 4G cellular networks at the same time. It wasn’t true, but thanks to a customer sentiment analysis project Motorola was prototyping at the time, the company detected the rumor and worked to correct the misinformation before it damaged the brand. Such is the razor-thin margin for error for consumer device manufacturers these days. Whenever a new smartphone launches, consumers pore Read more…

Hunting Down Ebola with Big Data

Nov 3, 2014 |

Big data analytics firms are stepping forward to help African nations combat the massive Ebola outbreak that has claimed thousands of lives. Much of the focus is currently focused on leveraging data collected from cell phone networks, which are relatively well developed in West Africa. Officials say that nearly 5,000 people have died and more than 13,000 have been infected in the Ebola outbreak that began six months ago. But due to underreporting, officials warn that many more have been Read more…

Your Big Data Will Read To You Now

Oct 28, 2014 |

One of the biggest challenges in big data analytics is communicating insights back to users. Many organizations rely on dashboards and visualization tools to display the analytic results. Now a new crop of tools is using big data to generate written narratives that explain to users what’s happening in plain English. Advances in artificial intelligence have led to a wave of new applications that can automatically analyze massive amounts of data and write stories about them, and do so at Read more…

News In Brief

Making the Business Case for Location Analytics

Jan 21, 2015 |

What role, if any, could locations analytics–defined as the ability to gain insight from the location or geographic component of business data–play in enhancing the value of business intelligence? The answer to the geo-data puzzle, according to a proponent of this business intelligence approach, has three parts. San Diego-based Centigon Solutions Inc. argues that combining business and geographical data can unlock insights but most organizations don’t know where to begin. The company is of course offering a roadmap for how Read more…

Data Tools Aid Open Source Intelligence

Dec 9, 2014 |

U.S. intelligence agencies and the military are increasingly leveraging analytics platforms based on machine learning to sift through data sources like social media. In the vernacular of the Pentagon, these efforts are generally referred to as open source intelligence initiatives. While the U.S. intelligence community is spending billions of dollars on geospatial intelligence—the analysis and exploitation of imagery and geospatial information—open source efforts focusing on unstructured data like web pages, emails, instant messaging and social media are augmenting those efforts. Read more…

NSA Releases Data Management Tool

Dec 1, 2014 |

The National Security Agency said it is expanding its open source portfolio by releasing the source code for software designed to manage data network interoperability. NSA said Nov. 25 it was releasing the open source tool, “Niagarafiles,” or “Nifi,” through the Apache Software Foundation. The spy agency said the release was the first in a series of open source software tools from its technology transfer program that shares agency-developed technologies with academia, industry and research organizations. The spy agency said Read more…

CNBC Looks to Scale Market Analytics

Nov 21, 2014 |

CNBC, the cable financial news channel, said this week it is joining forces with market analytics platform developer Kensho Technologies Inc. through a strategic investment and a content sharing agreement aimed at developing a new financial data analytics tool that adds another market ticker to the cable channel’s network feed. Terms of the investment and a separate content sharing deal were not disclosed. The deal is part of a strategic investment in Kensho by CNBC’s parent, NBCUniversal News Group. The Read more…

Google Targets Big Genome Data

Nov 12, 2014 |

Google wants to leverage the infrastructure that runs its dominant search engine, Google Maps and Gmail to help analyze and share big genomic data. Google Genomics is being promoted as a way to store growing DNA data in the cloud. Users could load and export genomic data for free, then pay about $25 a year for storage and queries. Storage is calculated in terabytes per month, queries in millions of API calls. The search giant joins other cloud giants in Read more…

This Just In

Cloud9 Charts Announces Analytics Partnership with MongoDB

Jan 23, 2015 |

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 23 — Cloud9 Charts, a reporting-as-a-service company that simplifies data plumbing, analysis and visualizations from Big Data stores, today announced it has certified against MongoDB Enterprise. MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. Built for modern-day multi-structured data, Cloud9 Charts provides insights from MongoDB instantly to discover, visualize and analyze data from MongoDB as well blend data from other sources. With innovations around the querying and processing of unstructured data, Cloud9 Read more…

University of Alabama Utilizing SAS Data Visualization Technologies

Jan 22, 2015 |

CARY, N.C., Jan. 22 — By tackling real-world business challenges, University of Alabama students are poised to gain highly marketable analytical skills using the latest in SAS data visualization technologies. SAS, the leader in business analytics software, is donating software at no cost for use in the new Business Analytics Lab at the university’s Culverhouse College of Commerce. “Our goal at the college is to ensure that our students have the education and skills they need to succeed in their careers Read more…

Actuate Acquired by OpenText

Jan 16, 2015 |

WATERLOO, Ontario, Jan. 16 – OpenText, a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced that, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Asteroid Acquisition Corporation, it has successfully completed its acquisition of Actuate Corporation, the leader in personalized analytics and insights. Actuate brings powerful analytics to the OpenText portfolio of products that enable customers to analyze and visualize a broad range of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Complementing OpenText’s existing information management and B2B integration offerings, Actuate offers increased business process efficiencies, greater brand experience Read more…

DataHero Launches Google Analytics Integration

Dec 16, 2014 |

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Dec. 16 — DataHero, the self-service cloud data visualization tool, today announced the launch of its Google Analytics integration. More than half of all businesses use Google Analytics on a daily basis and understand the limitations of having to export to Excel or write complex scripts to get what they need out of their data. With the DataHero integration, now everyone will be able to make data-driven decisions at the speed of business. “The Google Analytics integration is one of Read more…

Infosys and Tableau Partner

Nov 7, 2014 |

Nov. 7 — Infosys, a global leader in technology, consulting, outsourcing and next-generation services, today announced a strategic partnership with Tableau Software, a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics software. The partnership will combine the global talent pool and client reach of Infosys with Tableau’s breakthrough analytics technology. As part of the partnership, Infosys will integrate Tableau’s software into the solutions it deploys to help clients unlock the power of big data. Infosys will use its global training facilities Read more…