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5 Ways Big Geospatial Data Is Driving Analytics In the Real World

May 21, 2015 |

Amid the flood of data we collect and contend with on a daily basis, geospatial data occupies a unique place. Thanks to the networks of GPS satellites and cell towers and the emerging Internet of Things, we’re able to track and correlate the location of people and objects in very precise ways that were not possible until recently. But putting this geospatial data to use is easier said than done. Here are five ways organizations can use geospatial data to Read more…

Tracking the Rapid Rise in Cloud Data

May 1, 2015 |

In the last year we’ve seen organizations put more and more data in the cloud, but where are they putting all these data? The data cloud boom we’re seeing is the result of a radical change in economics (space in the cloud continues to drastically drop) and improvements in products that store data in the cloud. Additionally, the rise of “the Internet of Things” is generating massive data that needs to be stored somewhere, and perhaps more important accessed from Read more…

Startup Delivers Visual Search Tool for Neo4j Graphs

Apr 20, 2015 |

Organizations looking to give their business analysts a quick and easy way to explore and visualize data stored in Neo4j graph databases may want to check out Linkurius, which today debuted the enterprise version of its Web-based graph visualization tool. Graph databases are on the rise, thanks to the powerful way they organize connected data sets. The Neo4j database from Neo Technology–by far the most popular graph database today–provides a solid foundation for building next-generation apps that blend transactional and Read more…

The Big Data Behind Shell’s Super-Efficient Car Races

Apr 15, 2015 |

Most Americans are interested in the fuel efficiency of automobiles these days, a byproduct of higher gas prices and the growing acceptance of manmade climate change. But for the students who participated in last weekend’s Shell Eco-marathon in Detroit, getting 100 miles per gallon–or even 1,000 MPG–may not be enough to win. More than 1,000 high school and college students from the U.S. Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Guatemala descended upon the Motor City last weekend to put their fuel-efficient creations Read more…

Can Amazon Make Machine Learning More Accessible?

Apr 13, 2015 |

First we had IBM Watson Analytics, then Microsoft launched Azure Machine Learning. With last week’s launch of Amazon Machine Learning, the e-commerce giant is the latest tech giant to attempt to democratize the development and use of machine learning models and make the technology useful to people who aren’t data scientists. “Have you noticed how applications seem to be getting smarter all the time?” Amazon says in a video on its website. Banks alert you when there is a suspected Read more…

News In Brief

Dell Upgrades Toad Database Tools

Jun 23, 2015 |

Dell Software unveiled a series of database tool upgrades this week aimed at easing the management of data across a variety of platforms. Dell promotes its Toad database tool family as agnostic toward data and data management. The updates are designed to simplify the automation of development operations while whipping data into shape for analysis and reporting. The upgrades also are intended to provide greater flexibility in choosing a database platform. The company said the upgrades come in response to Read more…

Bonneville Power Uses Analytics to Manage Demand

Jun 18, 2015 |

Among the challenges faced by electric utilities, especially during the summer cooling season, is managing peak demand while figuring out how to integrate intermittent power sources into the grid. Increasingly, big data analytics tools are being applied to the emerging smart grid as a way to gauge demand while improving grid reliability and lowering costs. The latest example comes from the Bonneville Power Administration, the U.S. Energy Department agency that oversees power distribution in the Pacific Northwest. AutoGrid Systems, a Read more…

CFOs Cling to Excel, ‘Gut’ Instincts

Jun 17, 2015 |

Despite the waterfall of information piling up in corporate databases every business day, a new survey of chief financial officers finds there is actually a “data deficit” when it comes to making decisions based on quick access to that data. The upshot is lingering reliance on gut instinct in making critical decision that affect profitability and a surprising reliance on aging data access tools like the venerable Excel spreadsheet. The survey of more than 1,500 financial decision makers sponsored by Read more…

Analytics Arms Race: Cards Accused of Hacking Astros’ Database

Jun 16, 2015 |

Baseball has thrived for decades on an early form of data analytics known as Sabermetrics. The reliance on data analysis has only grown in the years since Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics pioneered the use of statistical analysis, or what popularly came to be known as Moneyball. Now it appears that the professional baseball’s positional arms race to stay one step ahead of the competition via analytics has taken a troubling turn: The National League St. Louis Cardinals, among Read more…

IBM, Databricks Join Forces to Advance Spark

Jun 15, 2015 |

IBM has jumped on the Apache Spark bandwagon, revealing it would throw its considerable weight behind the open source in-memory processing framework that has been gaining momentum over the last year. Separately, Databricks, the company formed by the creators of the analytics engine, released Apache Spark 1.4 that includes the SparkR API, its first new language API since 2012. IBM said Monday (June 15) it would integrate Spark software into the “core” of its analytics and commerce platforms while offering Read more…

This Just In

Smartsheet Announces Real-Time Data Exchange with Tableau

May 21, 2015 |

BELLEVUE, WASH., May 21 – Smartsheet, the spreadsheet-inspired collaborative work management tool used by millions worldwide, today announced the general availability of the Smartsheet Live Data Connector. The new functionality uses industry standard Open Database Connector (ODBC) capabilities to link live data in Smartsheet with other ODBC-compliant tools like Tableau Software, Microsoft Excel, QlikView and Qlik Sense. “This new live connection will help Smartsheet users get more out of their data,” said Francois Ajenstat, Vice President, Product Management at Tableau. “The Read more… Reinvents Machine Learning for Smart Applications with 3.0 Release

May 18, 2015 |

May 18, 2015 – Today, the leading provider of open source machine learning for building smarter applications, announces the general availability of H2O 3.0, the latest major release of the company’s flagship software. The new version offers  a single integrated and tested platform for enterprise and open-source use, enhanced usability through a new web user interface (UI) with embeddable workflows, elegant APIs, and direct integration for Python and Sparkling Water. “We have re-invented machine learning platforms with 3.0. H2O Read more…

Tableau Online 9.0 Makes Cloud Analytics Faster

May 18, 2015 |

May 18, 2015 – Tableau has updated its cloud analytics solution, Tableau Online, to version 9.0. The upgrade brings faster performance, additional live database connection support, single sign-on support, and a slew of new features designed to help people achieve more with their data in the cloud, such as: A complete redesign of Tableau Online to deliver a faster, more scalable, resilient, and extensible platform. Capabilities like parallel queries, query fusion, vectorization, and smarter query caches make Tableau Online as Read more…

Dell and Datawatch Announce Partnership

Apr 29, 2015 |

ROUND ROCK, Tex., April 29 — Dell Software today announced a new partnership with Datawatch Corporation, continuing the growing momentum of its analytics business by integrating highly interactive visualization and dashboarding capabilities directly into its Statistica advanced analytics platform. Already known for its robust offering of more than 16,000 analytical options, Statistica now will empower line of business users to stream data into compelling and interactive visual representations to better facilitate the sharing of information and discovery of hidden patterns. Statistica delivers a Read more…

Qlik Introduces Analytics Platform for Data Visualization and Analysis

Apr 28, 2015 |

April 28 — Qlik, a leader in visual analytics, introduced a modern analytics platform to support the development and creation of custom and guided analytics applications, including web mash-ups.  The Qlik Analytics Platform is designed specifically for developers to build data-driven apps to power and differentiate their organisation with the underlying performance of Qlik.  The Qlik Analytics Platform can be used to extend the reach of business intelligence (BI) strategies to partners and customers via their extranet and internet sites, Read more…