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The Data of Things: How Edge Analytics and IoT Go Hand In Hand

Sep 22, 2015 |

In the next five years, 15 to 40 billion additional connected devices are expected to hit the market. By some estimates, it will be a 285 percent increase from the number of connected devices currently available. With a magnified number of connected devices anticipated, a flood of data deriving from “things,” whether a smart video camera or a smart traffic light, will likely raise a new set of challenges for enterprises. Those that understand that IoT data’s real value will Read more…

Peering In On the Pols with Big Open Data

Sep 17, 2015 |

It’s no secret that our government is using big data technologies to track and monitor the activities of regular citizens, ostensibly to protect our freedom. But data analytics can also be used to keep track of what our government is doing—or at least what the politicians and other lawmakers are up to. The advent of open data initiatives at all levels of government is giving citizens, companies, and other interested parties access to vast amounts of data generated by various Read more…

Rethinking Enterprise Search for the Big Data Age

Aug 31, 2015 |

The humble search engine has retained a prominent place in the toolboxes of would-be data explorers. You see Solr and Lucene sitting at the Hadoop table, right alongside SQL and machine learning. But some search experts–including one who helped build Microsoft Bing–say traditional search engines are too long in the tooth for today’s big data challenges. There’s no doubt that Internet search engines, such as Google and Bing, have changed how we retrieve information, says Donald Thompson, the co-founder and CTO Read more…

How Better Data Empowers This Medical Billing Company

Aug 13, 2015 |

MediGain is a Texas-based revenue lifecycle management company serving the medical sector. Several years ago, it employed nearly 20 full-time positions to generate monthly reports for its clients. The process was tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone, and the data was nearly stale by the time it reached the clients. Its leadership knew there had to be a better way, and there was. MediGain provides back-office billing for midsize doctor’s groups, such as dermatology and oncology offices, and some small hospital networks. Read more…

Three Ways Zoomdata Makes Big Data Pop

Aug 11, 2015 |

When it comes to big data visualization tools, there’s no shortage of players. Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, and Microstrategy are established incumbents with big followings. But there’s a fresh crop of visualization tools making waves, including one from Zoomdata that’s helping to change how we think about big data analysis. Here are three ways that Zoomdata is helping to change the field of big data analytics and visualization: 1. Micro Queries and Data Sharpening Zoomdata’s flagship analytics and visualization tool embraces Read more…

News In Brief

Data ‘Assimilation’ Seen as Weak Link in U.S. Weather Forecasts

Oct 5, 2015 |

Second-guessing over the relative accuracy of the U.S. weather forecasting model compared to its European counterparts resumed last week as early predictions that Hurricane Joaquin would strike the U.S. east coast proved inaccurate. With the exception of the sodden residents of some southeastern coastal states, others were mostly spared after the hurricane drifted out into the Atlantic Ocean after pounding the Bahamas. Early models from the U.S. National Weather Service had the Category 4 storm hitting the east coast anywhere Read more…

Rice Genome Data Mined to Feed a Hungry Planet

Sep 24, 2015 |

The global population is forecast to top 7.7 billion human beings by 2020. As weather patterns change and, with them, global agricultural production, a new dataset containing the genome sequences of more than 3,000 rice varieties are being made available to researchers working to figure out how to feed the world. The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) along with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and BGI Shenzhen compiled the 120-terabyte dataset, which is available now on the Amazon Web Read more…

Apple’s Mapsense Deal Continues Location Data Push

Sep 23, 2015 |

Apple’s acquisition of the mapping visualization startup Mapsense adds to the growing momentum behind analyzing and rendering location data. According to multiple reports, Apple (AAPL) acquired the San Francisco-based startup recently for an estimated $30 million. Mapsense was founded in 2013 by Erez Cohen, who previously worked for data analytics specialist Palantir Technologies (PALTECP). The Mapsense platform and accompanying developer tools focus on helping users ingest and analyze huge volumes of location data to make sense of “geotagged data.” The Read more…

Salesforce Adds Analytics Dashboard, Visualization

Sep 14, 2015 |

Salesforce rolled out an “analytics cloud” this week that is touted as tying analytics to businesses processes and workflows so users can act directly on business intelligence from its new Wave Actions dashboard. The San Francisco-based customer relationship manager (CRM) specialist said Monday (Sept. 14) its Wave Analytics dashboard would also deliver Wave visualizations across its entire cloud analytics platform. Meanwhile, new Wave analytics applications also will be developed by independent software vendors as a way to extend the Salesforce Read more…

In-Game Tracking is Latest NFL Dataset

Sep 9, 2015 |

As the National Football League gears up for its 96th season, it is following in the footsteps of other major sports leagues by embracing emerging data technologies to provide on-field player tracking. The NFL’s take on big data involves converting high-speed data on each player’s position on the field and converting it into real-time statistics. Those stats are increasingly being used by entrants in football fantasy leagues which themselves are becoming an industry segment (ads for fantasy football and other Read more…

This Just In

SDSC Researcher Awarded $1.4 Million NIH Structural Bioinformatics Grant

Aug 17, 2015 |

Aug. 17 — A bioinformatics researcher at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, has been awarded a three-year National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant worth almost $1.4 million to make biological structures more widely available to scientists, educators, and students. The NIH award, as part of the agency’s Targeted Software Development Awards and its Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative launched in 2012, was granted to Peter Rose, Site Head of the RCSB Protein Data Read more…

Trifacta to Present on Data Visualizations at Data Science & Dato Conference

Jul 17, 2015 |

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 17 — Trifacta, the leading data wrangling solution for exploratory analytics, today announced that Jeffrey Heer, CXO and co-founder of Trifacta, will be speaking at the Data Science Summit & Dato Conference. Heer will present on designing tools for comprehensive and efficient data exploration. “Data visualizations are regularly used to convey metrics or tell ‘data-driven stories,’ but they can also be powerful tools for data discovery and exploratory analysis,” said Jeffrey Heer, CXO and co-founder, Trifacta. “Most Read more…

Smartsheet Announces Real-Time Data Exchange with Tableau

May 21, 2015 |

BELLEVUE, WASH., May 21 – Smartsheet, the spreadsheet-inspired collaborative work management tool used by millions worldwide, today announced the general availability of the Smartsheet Live Data Connector. The new functionality uses industry standard Open Database Connector (ODBC) capabilities to link live data in Smartsheet with other ODBC-compliant tools like Tableau Software, Microsoft Excel, QlikView and Qlik Sense. “This new live connection will help Smartsheet users get more out of their data,” said Francois Ajenstat, Vice President, Product Management at Tableau. “The Read more… Reinvents Machine Learning for Smart Applications with 3.0 Release

May 18, 2015 |

May 18, 2015 – Today, the leading provider of open source machine learning for building smarter applications, announces the general availability of H2O 3.0, the latest major release of the company’s flagship software. The new version offers  a single integrated and tested platform for enterprise and open-source use, enhanced usability through a new web user interface (UI) with embeddable workflows, elegant APIs, and direct integration for Python and Sparkling Water. “We have re-invented machine learning platforms with 3.0. H2O Read more…

Tableau Online 9.0 Makes Cloud Analytics Faster

May 18, 2015 |

May 18, 2015 – Tableau has updated its cloud analytics solution, Tableau Online, to version 9.0. The upgrade brings faster performance, additional live database connection support, single sign-on support, and a slew of new features designed to help people achieve more with their data in the cloud, such as: A complete redesign of Tableau Online to deliver a faster, more scalable, resilient, and extensible platform. Capabilities like parallel queries, query fusion, vectorization, and smarter query caches make Tableau Online as Read more…