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Big Data Challenges in Social Sciences & Humanities Research

Sep 8, 2014 |

One commonly mentioned benefit of the study of history is that we may gain insight into the thoughts and behavior of our ancestors. Learning where we came from can help us better prepare for where we are going. At the launch of this age of Big Data, we are only now well positioned to accomplish that ambition. Armed with Big Data Analytics, we can improve the well-being of ourselves and our offspring, particularly in Social Sciences & Humanities Research. In Read more…

Here’s Another Option for Hadoop Enterprise Search

Aug 8, 2014 |

The software stacks of many Hadoop distributions feature Apache Lucene and Solr as the enterprise search component. But the folks at the French firm Sinequa say Hadoop customers will get more actual work done–and quickly analyze massive amounts of poly-structured data from dozens of other sources in multiple languages–by using its enterprise search solution. Hadoop, machine learning algorithms, and graph databases may get most of the headlines in our big data world, but good old search engines continue to be Read more…

Deep Neural Networks Power Big Gains in Speech Recognition

May 30, 2014 |

Ten years ago, Bill Gates declared speech recognition as one of the “holy grails” of computing challenges that would fall within the next decade. Right on cue, Microsoft this week revealed that its research in deep neural networks and machine translation have yielded major advances in the field, the results of which will be included in a new real-time language translation product for Skype expected by December. Microsoft Research has been working on speech recognition and related topics in the Read more…

Array Databases: The Next Big Thing in Data Analytics?

Apr 9, 2014 |

There’s no lack of database choices when it comes to building your next big data analytics platform. Relational data stores, column-oriented databases, in-memory data grids, graph databases, scale-out NewSQL systems, and Hadoop will all get time in the sun. But according to database pioneer Mike Stonebraker, none of these hold a candle to array databases when it comes to running complex analytics on big data sets.

Astrophysics: The Icing on the Big Data Cake

Jan 31, 2014 |

According to Dr. Kirk Borne, Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science at George Mason University, astrophysics data challenges represent some of the wider problems in big data. Dr. Borne embraces data science with boundless enthusiasm. Dr. Borne recently shared about his astrophysics work and offered a unique perspective on the current state of big data.

News In Brief

Data Tools Help Researchers Tackle Pediatric Cancer

Sep 10, 2014 |

A genomic data analysis platform being installed at the National Cancer Institute will deliver rapid analysis of billions of data points required when sequencing human DNA and other genomic data. Translational Genomics Research (TGen) said Sept. 10 it is providing the National Cancer Institute with high performance computing and bioinformatics support along with specialized tools designed to support pediatric cancer research programs. Those efforts include personalized medicine trial for pediatric cancer patients being conducted by the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Read more…

Insurer Embraces Data Analytics to Shape Benefits Coverage

Sep 5, 2014 |

The U.S. insurance industry is attempting to move beyond actuarial tables to leverage data analytics in helping insurance brokers and employers tailor benefit plans for those workers still covered under employer benefit plans. Sun Life Financial Inc. said this week it has launched a benefits planning tool that uses data analytics to customized employee benefits plans. The “Benefit Profile” uses employer demographics and industry benchmark data to aide brokers in designing benefit plans and “enrollment strategies” for employers. Data analysis Read more…

Stinger Initiative Prepares for .next Phase

Sep 4, 2014 |

The Hadoop developer community that recently delivered the final tweaks to the Stinger Initiative, an effort to bring SQL capabilities to Apache Hive, said its effort would focus on further enhancements to SQL for supporting real-time access in Hive along with support for transactional capabilities. In a blog post, Hortonworks developers Alan Gates and Raj Bains reported that 145 developers from 44 companies have contributed 390,000 lines of code over the last 13 months to the Stinger Initiative. They Read more…

Data Startup Targets Machine Learning for Healthcare

Aug 27, 2014 |

A medical diagnostic startup is attempting to use recent advances in machine learning as a way to make it easier for doctors to sort through medical information in the form of images, unstructured data like notes on a patient’s history and structured laboratory test results. “Medical diagnostics is, at its heart, a data problem,” notes Jeremy Howard, founder and CEO of Enlitic, a San Francisco-based startup that wants to use machine-learning technology to transform diagnostic healthcare. “Recent applied machine learning Read more…

Gauging Human Emotions at the Stroke of a Key

Aug 22, 2014 |

Indian researchers using text pattern analysis and “keystroke dynamics” claim they have designed a computer program that can accurately recognize a computer user’s emotions. “Depending on the emotion,” the researchers claimed, they accurately recognized and “emotional states” most of the time, indeed with great precision: 87 percent. Writing in the journal Behavior & Information Technology, a team of Indian researchers asked volunteer typists to note their emotional state after typing “fixed” text along with prescribed intervals of regular computer use. Read more…

This Just In

Lumiata Receives Additional $6M in Funding

Sep 11, 2014 |

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 11 – Lumiata, a provider of predictive analytics based on medical science, announced today that it has added another $6 million to its Series A round to power a data-driven transformation of healthcare. A big data revolution is under way in healthcare across every major healthcare organization. Mckinsey estimates that more than $300 to 400 billion in healthcare cost savings can be realized from new protocols and effective use of data. While the healthcare system is just beginning to appreciate Read more…

SAS Analytics Uncovers New Heart Attack Treatments That Extend Survival Rates

Jul 29, 2014 |

CARY, N.C., July 29 — Wake County (NC) heart attack victims have a better chance at survival thanks to new, analytics-driven recommendations from the county’s Emergency Medical Services. Based on a data analysis project conducted by the SAS Advanced Analytics Lab for State and Local Government, Wake County EMS changed its recommendations for how long to conduct CPR on cardiac arrest patients. Wake County EMS presented the findings at the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) annual meeting, where the paper was recognized as Read more…

ANSYS and GE Aviation to Collaborate

May 7, 2014 |

PITTSBURGH, Penn., May 7 —  ANSYS and GE Aviation are deepening their long-standing strategic relationship by establishing a new joint technology collaboration agreement that will help solve future engineering challenges and drive product development processes in a world of smart products and big data. Both organizations recognize the value of cutting-edge research and are jointly aligned in their desire to spur innovation by creatively applying simulation to the manufacturing and industrial space. ANSYS and GE Aviation will work together over a range of applications Read more…

Airbus to Collaborate with A*STAR

Feb 18, 2014 |

Aerospace company Airbus has sealed a research collaboration with Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Singapore last week.

Tabor Communications and nGage Events Announce Leverage Big Data Summit

Feb 4, 2014 |

Tabor Communications Inc. (TCI), and nGage Events today announced the Leverage Big Data 2014 Summit which will be held May 20-22, 2014 at the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, CA in North San Diego County.